Bio&Tech Smart Capital

We transform the knowledge
of the Bio&Tech sector into high-impact investments.


Bio&Tech Smart Capital is the first Galician vertical investment fund specialized in the biotech, med tech, health tech, diagnostics and digital sectors oriented to life sciences.

It is integrated by professionals with long experience in Venture Capital, researchers, and entrepreneurs with a deep knowledge of the sector. This allows us to discover projects with differentiating technologies, high potential, and exceptional value, to accelerate them with our investment and extensive experience in entrepreneurship and a network of allies with access to national and international markets.

Galicia offers access to high quality, solid and low risk startup projects, thanks to a consolidated innovative biotech ecosystem backed by the leadership of university research, innovation laboratories and institutional support.

Bio&Tech Smart Capital will stimulate and strengthen the creation of productive fabric, supporting seed stage entrepreneurs and Series A projects, with a willingness to accompany them. This will allow investors to access high returns.

Our fund has 50 million euros and will invest in 30-40 companies, 50% of them located in Galicia.

We are

● We are experts in the biotechnology sector.
● We are the alliance of entrepreneurs, proven businessmen, researchers and experts in private equity investment.
● We seek exceptional returns for our investors.
● We are Smart investors. We invest knowledge, experience and offer a wide network of global contacts.

¿What makes us different?

We are a team with a deep knowledge Biotechnology ecosystem, made up of entrepreneurs and managers of the sector, extensive experience and solid and curriculums, wich allows us:
● Experience in transferring knowledge to Business environment.
● Identify and Optimize Opportunities
● Access more projects and know how to accelerate them.
● Complement and develop them with our Capabilities.
● Optimize the output value.


Galicia is a fast-growing ecosystem with attractive opportunities for investors in the target sectors.

We complement this ecosystem with access to exceptional investments in other markets: Spain, USA, UK and Israel.

We explore these environments to discover the best investment opportunities.


We have extensive experience in negotiating rounds, both as investors and from the entrepreneur’s point of view.

We optimize value for both parties. We validate the valuation, manage the Due Diligence and complete the process as quickly as possible to minimize the impact on the invested companies and provide them with support as soon as possible.


In addition to investing, we join and complement the development team. We bring:

Extensive experience in technological entrepreneurship and management in the sector.

Internationalization experience and exceptional networks of national and international contacts.

Access to global markets and customers.


We offer extensive experience in M&A and exits both to Private Equity as strategic.

We provide access to international outbound networks, maximizing the return, both for investors and developers.