Inversión responsable - Bio&Tech Smart Capital

Responsable investment

Bio&Tech Smart Capital has the vocation to discover projects with differentiating technologies, high potential and exceptional value and accelerate them not only with our investment, but with our extensive experience in entrepreneurship and management in the sector, to which we add our network of national and international contacts and the ability to access global markets.

We do this with the vision of transforming the knowledge generated by the BioTech ecosystem into high value-added companies through our experience as researchers, entrepreneurs and investors, in accordance with ESG and sustainability criteria.

We work to weave alliances that transform our lives.

Our values


We operate in sectors of potential social impact, with high profitability expectations. We provide the experience and knowledge of our team in this area of economic activity.


We manage resources and make decisions based on the strategic objectives of the projects, because we know the sector and the timing required in each case to obtain solid returns.


Honesty and ethics will mark each and every one of our relationships with investors and entrepreneurs. Only organizations with ethical behavior endure over time.


The Bio&Tech Smart Capital team makes decisions in accordance with the criteria of respect for the environment, commitment to the environment in which it operates and good governance.
e (link to ESG criteria, which will open in a new page).


We form a multidisciplinary team that allows us to add knowledge of the biotechnology and financial sector to design and execute projects in a safe and profitable way.


We work to offer value to entrepreneurs and investors, but also to society as a whole because it generates positive virtuous circles that create new opportunities for sustainable growth.

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Principios de Inversión Responsable de Naciones Unidas

Signatories to the United Nations responsible investment principles.