Criterios de inversión - Bio&Tech Smart Capital

Unique Investment Position

Bio&Tech Smart Capital offers a unique positioning for your investment:

● Highly developed projects in seed stage, thanks to strong institutional and university support. Validated product, structured team and initial revenues. Therefore, access to reduced risk investments.

Connection with the Galician and Spanish startup ecosystem and access s to global deal flow (California, Seattle, Boston, New York, London, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Middle East and Israel).

● • The European approach combined with a global network makes it possible to invest in attractive European multipliers and obtain global multipliers (USA).

● A team with 200 years of experience and a track record of success as entrepreneurs and investors. Creation of 3 Life Sciences startups with +200 million euros of added value and an investment of less than €10 million.

● Extensive experience in company management, valuation and monitoring of investments.


Bio&Tech Smart Capital focuses its interest in sectors with potential social impact, profitability expectations and the experience and knowledge of our team in this area of economic activity:

Digital technologies applied to life sciences (focus on automation and data science).
Diagnostics and medical devices.


25-30 projects.
15-20 projects en seed capital. Tickets from 200,000 to 400,000 euros.
10-12 projects in Series A. Tickets from 2 to 5 million euros (several phases depending on milestones achieved).
50% of Investment in projects in Galicia.
50% in national / international projects.