Zerintia HealthTech, a Spanish digital health company, has successfully closed a Series A investment round of nearly €1 million to accelerate its national and international growth plans for the coming years. The funding round is led by Bio & Tech Smart Capital, managed by Noso Capital, and includes the participation of the Center for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI) through its Innvierte program.

The objective is to establish the 4RemoteHealth software platform as the leading solution for connecting high-complexity clinical environments and equipment. The funds obtained will drive the company’s expansion into new geographical areas. Currently, Zerintia HealthTech operates in Spain, serving clients in the medical equipment industry, public and private healthcare entities, and is beginning its initial operations in regions such as Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and India.

Boosting digital surgery

With this investment, Bio & Tech Smart Capital, a private equity fund promoted by the Zendal Group, the Galician entrepreneur and MESTRELAB CEO Santi Domínguez, and Noso Capital SGEIC, is driving the digitalization of the healthcare sector and facilitating Zerintia’s connection to Galicia’s entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem in health and biotechnology.

This transaction also involves the appointment of Santi Domínguez to the Board of Directors of Zerintia HealthTech. Domínguez, an international reference in innovation and entrepreneurship, co-founder of Mestrelab, president of Bruker BioSpin‘s software division (Integrated Data Solutions), co-founder and board member of IMSPEX Diagnostics Ltd., will contribute his expertise in the sector.

Connected teams

In 2022, Zerintia Technologies decided to establish Zerintia HealthTech as a spin-off after successfully performing the world’s first 5G-assisted remote surgery at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and Shanghai in 2019. This milestone enabled the commercialization phase of the 4RemoteHealth solution, a software platform that integrates multiple devices and augmented reality to enable real-time transmission of surgeries in the operating room, interventions in medicalized ambulances, or diagnostics in hospital consultations.

Zerintia HealthTech closes a €1 million funding round led by Bio & Tech Smart Capital to boost digital surgery

With 4RemoteHealth, medical teams can perform surgeries with the real-time participation of expert physicians connected from anywhere in the world. It also enables remote specialist guidance to address complex cases, remote diagnostics, and remote training of multidisciplinary teams without the need for physical presence in the operating room. Zerintia has already tested these cases in Spanish public hospitals.

Unlike other solutions, 4RemoteHealth offers a high level of security as a closed platform, complying with the specific data protection requirements of the healthcare regulatory framework. One of its notable advantages is its ease of installation, designed as a remote station, similar to a mobile medical cart, that can be easily transported and placed in any surgical setting.

Among the project partners are Joaquín Fernández de Piérola, former CEO of Abengoa until 2021, who serves as Chairman of the Board of Zerintia HealthTech; Kepa Sagastabeitia and his partners in Zerintia Technologies, of which he is the founder and CEO; and César Rodríguez, CEO of the company with experience in developing business growth projects in the healthcare sector and a former executive of the Telefónica Group in various European and Latin American countries.

César Rodríguez explains that the 4RemoteHealth solution allows “facilitating the interaction between medical professionals to make the right decisions in critical moments, providing them with all the available information through the integration of medicaldevices, video, and real-time imaging, supported by the latest advances in augmented reality. It offers a simple and viable way to meet part of the existing demand for specialized clinical knowledge and education, in a sustainable manner for both the public and private healthcare systems, always with a focus on the patient,” he added.

“The digitalization of the healthcare sector is a highly interesting and promising field, in which Zerintia HealthTech fits perfectly due to its technological foundation and proven results that effectively address a clear market need. Its internationalization potential will enable it to compete in a rapidly growing global market, where we are convinced it brings a solution of extremely high value to any healthcare system. This investment aligns with our strategy of investing in digital health, which will see further imminent investments from our fund,” commented Santi Domínguez, general partner of Bio & Tech Smart Capital, and Tomás Pérez, CEO of Noso Capital.